Maximizing Your Accounting Firm's Value with Brannon Poe

Blake Oliver sits down with Brannon Poe of Poe Group Advisors to discuss the differences between traditional and subscription-based virtual accounting firms. Brannon shares his expertise on firm valuation, revealing that factors like cash flow to owner and owner hours play a significant role in determining a firm's value. He also emphasizes the importance of pricing strategies, noting that implementing value pricing and subscription models can dramatically improve a firm's profitability and overall value. Throughout the conversation, Brannon provides valuable insights and real-world examples to help firm owners maximize their firm's value in preparation for a potential sale.

Meet Our Guest, Brannon Poe
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  • (00:51) - Traditional vs. Subscription Accounting Firms
  • (01:46) - The Value of Virtual Subscription Firms
  • (02:11) - Factors Influencing Firm Valuation
  • (02:37) - The Impact of Location on Valuation
  • (07:19) - Key Metrics for Maximizing Firm Value
  • (12:05) - Firm Valuations: Some Numbers
  • (15:09) - Strategic Decisions for Firm Growth
  • (20:55) - Final Thoughts and Resources for Brannon's Book and Academy

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Creators and Guests

Brannon Poe
Brannon Poe
Brannon Poe is the founder of Poe Group Advisors and the creator of Accounting Practice AcademyTM, an online workshop that is transforming how owners run their firms. He began facilitating successful accounting practice transitions in 2003 and has since pioneered a consulting-based approach to transitioning CPA firms, culminating in Poe Group Advisors’ unique process – The Seamless SuccessionTM. He started his career in public accounting as an auditor with Ernst & Young before working for several years in auditing and tax preparation for the regional firm of Elliott, Davis & Company. Brannon is the author of several books, and multiple industry articles. He is also the host of the “Accountant’s Flight Plan” podcast. Brannon is passionate about entrepreneurship and is a founding member and past president of the Charleston chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Brannon has worked with some of the most successful and seasoned CPAs in the industry and has been privy to the behind-the-scenes methods that these clients have used to build highly profitable practices along with capable and independent teams.
Maximizing Your Accounting Firm's Value with Brannon Poe
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