Earmark Media Presents: Crypto With Accountants

In this episode, Pat White and Rafael Casas interview Mackenzie Patel, CEO of Hash Basis, a crypto-native accounting firm based in San Francisco. Mackenzie shares her accounting background and how she got into crypto accounting. They also discuss the challenges of revenue accounting in crypto and the emerging trend of specialized crypto accounting.

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  • (00:00) - Preview: What does Hash Basis do?
  • (00:50) - Introduction and welcome Mackenzie to the show
  • (02:04) - A little bit of Mackenzie's background
  • (04:24) - Did you instantly love accounting?
  • (10:39) - What did you do after college?
  • (11:47) - What does revenue accounting look like in crypto?
  • (13:58) - Are you seeing more accountants who specialize in crypto accounting?
  • (18:32) - How did you get into crypto specifically?
  • (20:40) - Can you walk us through some fundamentals of crypto accounting?
  • (28:31) - What is streaming payroll and payments?
  • (31:53) - What resources do you do to stay up to date on crypto and crypto accounting?
  • (34:51) - FASB guidance has come out
  • (35:31) - What do you think about wrapped tokens now being counted as impaired?
  • (42:08) - Tell us about your new company, Hash Basis
  • (44:14) - Mackenzie will be speaking at EDAS
  • (46:13) - Thanks for listening and please subscribe for new episodes

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