Pig Butchering & Mouse Jiggling

Blake and David explore the intersection of AI, remote work, and accounting technology. They take a look at the phenomenon of "mouse jiggling," examine various AI tools reshaping the accounting industry, and analyze a survey showing widespread adoption of AI in the workplace. There's also a review of different AI chatbots, highlights on new AI-powered accounting startups, and a brief look at the U.S. government's online passport renewal system. This wide-ranging conversation offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of work and technology in the digital age.

  • (01:14) - Mouse Jiggling Scandal at Wells Fargo
  • (05:28) - Pig Butchering Scams and Synapse Bankruptcy
  • (09:20) - Return to Office Mandates and Employee Turnover
  • (12:55) - AI Tools in Accounting: Zapier Central Demo
  • (18:18) - Impact of AI on Freelance Jobs
  • (21:49) - Private Equity and Audit Board Acquisition
  • (26:05) - AI Co-Pilot for Accounting Firms: Materia Raises $6.3 Million
  • (30:04) - Technology Maturity and Firm Revenue
  • (36:10) - AI Adoption in the Workplace
  • (38:15) - AI Tools Revolutionizing Financial Reporting
  • (40:42) - The Rise of Chatbots: A Wall Street Journal Analysis
  • (42:08) - Comparing Chatbot Performance Across Different Tasks
  • (51:28) - The Future of AI in Accounting Firms
  • (01:00:57) - Innovations in Government Services
  • (01:03:23) - Wrap-Up and Announcements

Show Notes
Meet Zapier Central's Chrome extension: Work with your personal AI bots anywhere
The Great AI Challenge: We Test Five Top Bots on Useful, Everyday Skills
Numeric secures $10m in Seed funding to revolutionise accounting automation
Finaloop secures $35 Million in Series A
June 2024 Update: Beta Release of an Online Passport Renewal System
California Board of Accountancy CPANext Survey

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Pig Butchering & Mouse Jiggling
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