Rethinking Accounting Education in the Age of AI

Dr. Mfon Akpan, Assistant Professor of Accounting at Methodist University joins Blake and David for a conversation on the impact of AI on accounting education, the challenges faced by accounting graduates entering the workforce, and the future of the CPA profession. Dr. Akpan shares his insights on incorporating AI into the classroom and the importance of lifelong learning in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

  • (01:43) - AI in Accounting Education
  • (02:49) - Prompting Techniques for AI
  • (04:36) - Practical Applications of AI in Accounting
  • (05:52) - Challenges and Benefits of AI in Education
  • (07:00) - Incorporating AI into Accounting Curriculum
  • (15:07) - Debate on Accounting Education and Skills Gap
  • (23:51) - The 5th-Year Requirement for CPAs
  • (35:01) - The Value of Personal Interaction in Education
  • (35:42) - The Importance of Smaller Class Sizes
  • (37:33) - The Role of AI in Education
  • (41:29) - Improving Salaries in the Accounting Profession
  • (43:09) - The Impact of Technology on Accounting Jobs
  • (43:55) - Balancing Work and Life in Accounting
  • (56:26) - The Future of Accounting Education
  • (01:00:27) - Embracing AI in Accounting
  • (01:03:30) - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Meet our Guest, Dr. Mfon Akpan

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Dr. Mfon Akpan
Dr. Mfon Akpan
Dr. Akpan is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Methodist University who is passionate about incorporating new technologies, such as AI, to provide students with up-to-date and contextually relevant learning experiences that will help them thrive in our rapidly transforming world. He has 10+ years of experience in teaching, research, and service in accounting and financial management, and his contributions to AI research, particularly in the accounting sector, are widely recognized in academic and professional circles. Dr. Akpan is also the author of several books, including The Hitchhiker's Guide to Virtual Reality, which aims to give educators—K–12 and university professors—a practical and tactical method for using virtual reality in the classroom.
Rethinking Accounting Education in the Age of AI
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