Trump Accountants Take the Stand Before the Stormy Daniels

This week, Blake and David are puzzled by the results of a survey that shows 40% of tax professionals believe generative AI will allow them to charge clients higher rates. They also cover the sham audit firm BF Borgers and question why the firm's CPA is still licensed despite SEC charges. Blake demonstrates how he uses Zapier Central to build an AI agent that can automatically respond to client emails about the status of their tax returns. Wrapping up, they examine Digits' $35 million raise and pivot to bill pay, and Xero's new filtering functionality for bank reconciliations.

  • (00:53) - Generative AI's Impact on Pricing
  • (05:39) - The Curious Case of BF Borgers and Sham Audits
  • (08:19) - The Slow Response of Regulatory Bodies to Fraud
  • (18:07) - NASBA Hires New President
  • (19:24) - NASBA and the CPA Exam: A Call for Modernization
  • (28:16) - The Trump Stormy Daniels NY Trial
  • (35:19) - Rudy Giuliani's Financial Woes: A Deep Dive
  • (38:18) - Building AI Agents with Zapier Central: A How-To Guide
  • (39:38) - AI Tools for Productivity: Insights from ClickUp
  • (40:41) - The Power of AI in Automating Client Communication
  • (48:04) - The Big Money in AI-Powered Practice Management
  • (53:54) - Bill Pay Innovations and Market Dynamics
  • (55:12) - Xero's New Features and Bank Feed Improvements
  • (58:58) - The Real Value of Dashboards in Business Management
  • (01:04:10) - Closing Remarks and Future Events

Show Notes
Rudy Giuliani Forced to Learn Accounting After Bankruptcy Beancounter Bails
Stormy Daniels payment puts focus on Trump and check-writing as trial testimony resumes
Trump Accountant on His Stormy Daniels Coverup Notes: ‘I Made a Boo-Boo’
Trump Accountant Exposes Checks to Michael Cohen in Damning Testimony
What’s new in Xero — May 2024 - Xero Blog      
End of Trump Media’s Auditor Jolts Hundreds of Other Companies      
Trump Media hires new auditor after previous accounting firm charged with 'massive fraud'  
Digits Launches AI Bill Pay for Small Businesses            
Why we’re calling 2024 ‘the year of the US bank feed’  
Let's Meet NASBA's Next President and CEO    
Digits Launches AI Bill Pay for Small Businesses            
Digits AI Bill Pay -- The World's First AI Bill Pay, Built Specifically For Startups
Imagine the Chaos If the PCAOB Starts Naming and Shaming Audit Deficiency Clients
'Nobody seems interested' in helping Giuliani with accounting in bankruptcy case, lawyers claim
Canopy Secures $35 Million in Funding to Enhance AI-Powered Practice Management for Accounting Firms 
Trump Media Replaces Its Accounting Firm BF Borgers With Semple, Marchal & Cooper
Trump Org. accounting system was designed in the '90s and was "antiquated" by 2017, McConney confirms                
Who Is Deborah Tarasoff, a Trump Trial Witness?
Live updates: Donald Trump's hush money trial              
The most hated workplace software on the planet        
Generative AI may let tax pros charge more      
How to Use AI as a Personal Assistant to Boost Productivity    
Paymerang Says Acquisition by Corpay Will Help Create Jobs
Who is Jeffrey McConney, witness in Trump’s criminal trial and co-defendant in civil fraud case?

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David Leary
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Trump Accountants Take the Stand Before the Stormy Daniels
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