Finally! A Tax Bill That Adds Up

Blake and David examine the latest tax legislation traveling through Congress, including a new bill requiring the IRS to provide detailed explanations for math errors on tax returns. They also discuss the IRS's new direct file program, the banning of non-compete agreements, and the coolest profession around (spoiler alert: it's not accounting). Lastly, they touch on the concerning data breach at BerryDunn and the AICPA's efforts to rebrand the CPA to attract more young people to the field.

  • (02:40) - New proposed IRS Math Act
  • (05:42) - IRS wraps first season with free file program
  • (09:44) - "The Magician" tax preparer arrested for $100 million tax fraud
  • (15:11) - The future of social security
  • (19:01) - Sam Bankman-Fried makes a deal in civil suit
  • (20:34) - FTC rules noncompetes are unlawful
  • (25:32) - Ryan Tax Firm challenges FTC noncompete ruling
  • (28:04) - QuickBooks Live announcement upsets accountants
  • (41:10) - Anonymous listener says you can work normal hours and still make money
  • (44:31) - Accountant charged with embezzling $800k from CA paving firm
  • (47:39) - Ryanair CEO thinks more accountants should be running airlines
  • (55:25) - Accounting firm sued for data leak
  • (57:22) - CPA "Coolest Profession Around)
  • (01:01:35) - What is "Accounting Plus"
  • (01:06:38) - NASBA offers The Accountancy Licensing Library
  • (01:10:00) - Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe

Show Notes
Accountant Charged With Embezzling $800,000 From Paving Firm in California - CPA Practice Advisor            
Ryan Leads Charge Against Biden’s Ban on Noncompete Clauses - CPA Practice Advisor
Move Over, TurboTax? IRS Considers Expanding Free Tax-Filing Program – WSJ
Boeing Needs Another Accountant As CEO, Says Ryanair CEO – Avweb
Ultra-Rich Should Pay More Taxes to Save Social Security, Poll Shows - CPA Practice Advisor
FTC Bans Noncompete Agreements That Restrict Job Switching – WSJ
Bronx tax preparer known as "the magician" arrested for $100 million tax fraud | ADN América
With close calls mounting, the FAA will require more rest for air traffic controllers
New bill would force IRS to explain tax return errors | The Hill
The Accountancy Licensing Library: Your Ultimate Resource for CPA Licensure | NASBA
The cost of doing your taxes are up nearly 10% this year – Marketplace

Sam Bankman-Fried agrees to help FTX investors in lawsuits against Tom Brady, Larry David
Intuit Hosting 'QuickBooks Live' Webinar           
QuickBooks "Live Experts" May Not Be So Bad
Millions more salaried workers will be eligible for overtime pay under final Biden administration rule
Senators introduce bill to simplify IRS notices 
IRS Says It Saw ‘Strong Response’ From Direct File Pilot Users This Tax Season
U.S. accounting firm BerryDunn says third party breach impacted over 1.1 million customers

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Finally! A Tax Bill That Adds Up
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