Google Blames Accounting Layoffs on AI

Blake and David take a dive into Google's decision to offshore accounting jobs to Mexico and India, which Google’s CFO claims is necessary to free up resources to invest in AI. They also discuss the stagnation of CPA salaries despite a shortage of talent. The conversation touches on a variety of other topics, including the modernization of the IRS, the future of the CPA profession, and advice for young accountants looking to carve their own career paths in a rapidly changing industry.

  • (05:53) - Blake reads some tweets about hours people are working during busy season
  • (10:52) - Unlimited PTO is worse for employees
  • (13:22) - College degrees aren't necessary for success
  • (20:24) - Florida creates retired CPA status
  • (23:35) - Listener mail on the 150-hour rule and salaries
  • (29:16) - Update on Boston's commercial real estate woes
  • (33:48) - Why office rent prices are still so high
  • (43:10) - Some encouraging IRS news
  • (48:27) - Internal audit reveals 279 former IRS employees or contractors still had access to logins
  • (52:12) - Offshoring can be good or bad
  • (54:04) - Setting a limit on billable hours
  • (55:50) - Let accounting firms decide what requirements accountants need
  • (58:08) - The rise of the "remote partner"
  • (01:04:00) - Wrap up and Earmark now has a web browser version
Show Notes
Google restructures finance team as part of AI shift, CFO tells employees in memo
Josh Youngblood, EA didn’t work over 40 hours per week in tax season
Skills-Based Hiring Can Shred the Paper Ceiling | BCG
The Office Market Is in Turmoil. So Why Are Rents More Expensive? – WSJ
Florida Legislature Passes Bill Creating New Retired CPA Status | Florida Institute of CPAs
Kyle J. Bauman, CPA on X: "“Unlimited PTO” “Only 2100 Hours”
62% of Americans Lack a College Degree. Can They Solve the Labor Shortage?
Senior Leaders Nearly Twice as Likely To Receive AI Resources as Junior Staff | CFO
IRS didn't remove contractors' access to sensitive information | Accounting Today
Boston mulls commercial tax hike        
IRS Commissioner Delivers End Of Tax Filing Season Message Touting Improvements
Florida Creates New Status for Retired CPAs in the State          
Treasury cash balance jumps most in 2 years as tax payments rise
The rise of the remote accounting firm partner               
Werfel sees IRS budget request yielding $341B in extra revenue
Google restructures finance team as part of AI shift, CFO tells employees in memo
Despite moratorium, IRS gets 20,000 ERC claims weekly, Werfel says

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Google Blames Accounting Layoffs on AI
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