Remote Accountants Get Paid Less

Blake and David delve into the effects of remote work on accountant salaries and the mental health challenges faced by auditors at Big Four firms. They inspect a recent study showing lower pay for hybrid workers compared to fully remote or in-office employees. They also contemplate the future of work organization inspired by Bill Anderson, CEO of Bayer, and discuss the potential impact of AI on the accounting profession, the accuracy of AI-related surveys, and the misrepresentation of AI capabilities in recent news headlines.

  • (00:34) - Will accountants soon earn overtime pay?
  • (04:57) - Listener writes in about their own audit experience at a Top-30 firm
  • (08:14) - Trump's Truth Social audit update
  • (14:44) - PCAOB proposed audit metrics
  • (20:44) - 71% of Big 4 auditors worry about mental health
  • (23:27) - Blake shares a clip from new Bayer CEO
  • (33:48) - H&R Block employees prefer remote work
  • (38:14) - Remote accountants get paid less
  • (39:35) - Executives and managers perceive in-office workers as higher performers
  • (42:06) - The four day work week is becoming more common
  • (45:27) - Cody writes in about Big 4 vs industry
  • (47:09) - Hannah asks about outsourcing and offshoring costs
  • (49:59) - Amazon Fresh stores were using Indian employees for "just walk out" tech
  • (55:22) - Shohei Ohtani's translator charged in sports gambling case
  • (58:14) - Accounting Today wrongly claims accountants are saving 30 hours a week on average using AI
  • (01:01:34) - Blake shares a clip from the All In podcast on the future of AI
  • (01:04:48) - Is it time for a new ERP system?
  • (01:07:47) - Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe

Show Notes
71% of Big 4 Auditors Worry About Mental Health | CFO             
Will Getting Rid of Bosses Fix the Workplace? - The Journal. - WSJ Podcasts
59% of accountants use AI to save about 30 hours a week on tasks | Accounting Today
Y Combinator wants to fund new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software"
Ohtani translator charged with stealing millions for 19,000 bets | Accounting Today
KPMG Fined Record $25 Million in Exam-Cheating Scandal – WSJ
Botkeeper Infinite replaces outsourcing with more AI to help firms automate | Accounting Today
More Companies Adopt 4-Day Work Week - CPA Practice Advisor        
When Layoffs Happen, Remote Workers Are Hardest Hit - WSJ               
Does Working from Home Boost Productivity Growth? | San Francisco Fed     

Trump Media's Accounting Firm Has Audit Deficiency History 
Amazon's Just Walk Out Actually Uses 1,000 People in India
PCAOB Wallops KPMG Netherlands With Record $25M Fine For Exam Cheating
PCAOB crackdown shifting to focus on auditing firms
PCAOB Proposal Would Require Audit Firms to Disclose a Variety of Metrics
PCAOB proposals call for firms to disclose more about themselves
New accounting standard to improve transparency but have limited impact on banks
Study Reveals How Remote Workers Lose $22,000 Of Their Paychecks Each Year By Staying Home
Final Overtime Rule Clears Regulatory Review, Teeing Up Release

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David Leary
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Remote Accountants Get Paid Less
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