Turning Staff Into Workaholics Makes Them Way Less Productive

In this 2023 wrap-up, Blake and David discuss an appeals court ruling that audit reports are so generic they are essentially useless to investors. They also explore the concept of "productivity theater" where employees pretend to be constantly working, even though it leads to disengagement and burnout. Continuing the theme, they contemplate why mandatory weekend work persists and share ideas on how firms can improve work-life balance. Rounding out the discussion, they offer up some career advice to accounting students on finding fulfilling roles and avoiding common traps such as extreme overwork.

  • (00:21) - David will get an Earmark tattoo at 100,000 subscribers
  • (04:19) - Slack survey reveals forced overtime reduces productivity
  • (07:43) - Remote workers' surveillance
  • (10:23) - Mandatory Saturdays going away
  • (16:18) - What is keeping firms up at night?
  • (21:45) - What percentage of firms are filing tax extensions for their clients
  • (23:53) - A junior accounting student asks for some advice
  • (29:55) - Appeals court rules audit report is immaterial
  • (35:05) - SPACs accounted for at least 21 bankruptcies and $46 billion lost in 2023
  • (39:57) - The importance of finding and making your own work/life balance
  • (48:49) - Back to advice for younger accountants entering the profession
  • (57:48) - An accountant has a breakdown at the airport
  • (59:50) - Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Turning Staff Into Workaholics Makes Them Way Less Productive
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