Accounting Professor Bills Trump $900,000 for Expert Testimony

Just in time for the holidays, Blake and David examine the accounting professor from NYU who charged Trump nearly $900,000 for expert testimony. They also tackle issues around accountant retention and turnover, tax updates, the financial operations of Hamas, as well as Hunter Biden's indictment on tax charges, and tips for using spreadsheets in filmmaking and other creative projects. All this and more to keep you entertained while you wrap those last-minute gifts!

  • (00:38) - Who knew being an expert witness paid so well
  • (06:49) - Former Wall Street accountant leaves profession to become an escort and exotic dancer
  • (09:43) - Illinois retention survey
  • (17:27) - Has AI job replacement theory reached mainstream?
  • (18:37) - Why employees resign
  • (21:02) - Accounting rules and the supply of accountants
  • (25:00) - FASB announces new rules for cryptocurrencies
  • (26:14) - IRS expanding their modernization efforts for technology
  • (27:55) - FinCEN updates a new service opportunity for accountants
  • (34:27) - Former Jaguars employee accused of stealing over $22 million
  • (39:30) - Nikola founder sentenced to prison for fraud
  • (43:17) - 64% of employees waste time due to lack of deadlines
  • (45:27) - EY laying off US partners
  • (48:35) - EY names Janet Truncale first female global CEO of big 4 firm
  • (49:27) - The IRS plans reorg at the highest leadership levels
  • (50:09) - Israel and the US knew of Hamas bank account
  • (54:07) - Hunter Biden's indictment
  • (58:29) - All Sorts director demonstrates how he uses spreadsheets
  • (01:02:14) - Wrap up and where to reach us
Show Notes
Trump PAC paid for expert witness testimony in NY civil fraud trial
EY Is Laying Off U.S. Partners Amid Tough Economic Conditions – WSJ
Accounting Rules and the Supply of Accountants by Anthony Le :: SSRN
Righting Retention - Insight Special Feature
Stripper and escort rakes in $34k per week catering to Wall Street
FinCEN ramps up guidance as beneficial ownership requirements looms | Accounting Today
Trevor Milton Gets Four Years in Prison for Deceptions on Zero-Emission Trucks
64% of Employees Waste Hours Due to Lack of Deadlines | CFO
IRS Expands Business Tax Account Tool To Include S Corps And Partnerships
Israel Found the Hamas Money Machine Years Ago. Nobody Turned It Off.
Hunter Biden Charged With Evading Taxes on Millions From Foreign Firms
Former Jaguars employee accused of stealing over $22 million – ESPN
EY names Janet Truncale as first female global CEO of Big Four firm | Accounting Today
NY AG disputes Trump expert’s GAAP analysis      
Hunter Biden Indicted On Criminal Tax Charges In California
Hunter Biden Charged with Tax Crimes in Los Angeles
Trump's accounting expert trashes NY's 'absurd' fraud case
Donald Trump returns to court, lauds his defense expert who sees no evidence of accounting fraud
First US Crypto Accounting Rules to Capture Token Highs, Lows
Accounting Expert Receives Huge Sum for Testimony in Trump's Fraud Case
The 73 Spreadsheets You'll Need to Finish Your Feature Film          
Trump judge slams credibility of paid expert in fraud case, suggests fee influenced testimony
Illinois CPA Society Releases New Report on Turnover in the Accounting Profession
Last Minute Scramble To Delay New Law Impacting Small Businesses
IRS Announces Plans To Shake Up Leadership Roles
PwC agrees to pay $1.45-million to settle with Ontario accounting regulator over exam cheating
Cheaters at PwC Canada Thought Sharing Answers With Each Other Was “Collaborative Culture”

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Accounting Professor Bills Trump $900,000 for Expert Testimony
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