Listener Mail: Compilations, Talent Crisis, ESOPs, 120 v. 150, TurboTax

Blake and David sort through the listener mailbag to find out what you think! Amongst the letters, we’ve got opinions on accounting without assurance and the industry talent crisis, as well as potential unethical practices by some tax experts, and the need for accrediting standards for accounting programs. Blake and David also address the complex nature of the taxation system and emphasize the need for industry-wide changes to address ethical dilemmas. Join us to hear all this and so much more!

  • (00:30) - Welcome to the show and what we'll cover
  • (07:14) - Trump's legal team again blaming accountants for faulty financial statements
  • (08:54) - Anthony writes in about compilations
  • (13:51) - Nathan writes in to suggest more people contract audit work
  • (16:03) - Chris asks some questions about the BDO ESOP episode
  • (19:29) - Cheryl writes in about the 150-hour requirement
  • (23:27) - Kurt asks about the disparity between accounting graduate programs
  • (28:40) - Ryan tells a story of a client getting awful advice from a TurboTax Live employee
  • (35:00) - Digitial Accountants asks why so many tax clients want to push the envelope too far with tax returns and the IRS
  • (38:57) - Listener gives some insights on why academia is filled with the professors it has
  • (56:00) - A UK accounting firm has client data leaked after being hacked
  • (01:01:19) - The University of Arionza is missing $240 million
  • (01:05:18) - QuickBooks ProAdvisor badges and changes
  • (01:12:25) - Wrap up and remember you can earn free CPE from listening to this podcast

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Listener Mail: Compilations, Talent Crisis, ESOPs, 120 v. 150, TurboTax
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