Can AI Become An Accounting Expert?

Blake and David examine the downfall of FTX and founder Sam Bankman-Fried and look at some controversies around Deloitte auditors backdating audit paperwork in Canada, receiving only a minor fine. They also marvel at Donald Trump's attempt to blame accountants for alleged financial statement fraud in his organization. All this, and other news including NASBA's CEO's upcoming retirement, IRS budget cut updates, and generational differences around public accounting work environments.

  • (00:39) - Blake is back from Maryland where he gave a talk on AI and accounting
  • (04:05) - CPA Journal uses bad AI to draw conclusions on AI's future in accounting
  • (10:21) - Guinness Stout might not exist without taxes
  • (13:33) - Jeff Bezos is moving to Miami
  • (17:12) - Over 2/3 of Ohio CPAs are 50 or older
  • (22:47) - Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty
  • (24:19) - WeWork files for bankruptcy
  • (30:17) - Trump trial updates: Donald Trump takes the stand
  • (41:08) - CPA Ontario fines Deloitte
  • (47:23) - IRS budget cut again
  • (52:57) - NASBA CEO Ken Bishop plans to retire
  • (54:25) - BDO and other firms becoming ESOPs
  • (56:16) - Expensify closes their longue in SF
  • (01:00:18) - We're going to QuickBooks Connect
  • (01:01:06) - Blakes shares Instagram clip of street CPA interview
  • (01:03:00) - Wrap up and how to earn free CPE for listening to this podcast
Show Notes
House passes Israel aid tied to IRS cuts, triggering Biden clash | Accounting Today
New York accounting firm Grassi announces ESOP | Accounting Today
Trump’s Sons Cast the Blame for Fraud on Their Company’s Accountants
NASBA CEO Ken Bishop plans to retire | Accounting Today
IG reel: Good salary BUT don’t become a CPA
Can Artificial Intelligence Become an Accounting Expert? - The CPA Journal

Deloitte Auditors Got Caught Changing Their Computer Clocks to Backdate Workpapers
Ohio floats plan to recruit more CPAs      
WeWork, once valued at $47 billion, files for bankruptcy 
Here's how much WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann made before the company's bankruptcy
Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all seven criminal fraud counts
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is leaving Seattle for Miami    
Ohio Society of CPAs Develops Action Plan Aimed at Talent Shortage
Billions still lost through bad accounting, says auditor general       
Eric Trump testified over and over again he had nothing to do with his dad’s accounting. Then he was shown his own emails   
Former FTX CEO found guilty of fraud      
House Passes Israel Aid Bill Tied to IRS Cuts
Jeff Bezos: Leaving Seattle and Embracing Miami
Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos moves to Florida, where his parents live-and capital gains are not taxed        
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David Leary
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Can AI Become An Accounting Expert?
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