Trump Trial Updates | Are You Coffee Badging? | Proof Americans Move for Lower Taxes

An embezzlement scheme at Aria Hotel costs MGM $770,000, an accounting firm apologizes for paying a staffer below minimum wage, problems with Workday ERP implementations for state and local governments, a spike in accounting enrollment at Purdue University, and tax migration trends between high-tax and low-tax states.

  • (00:59) - Clarence Thomas and a questionable RV loan
  • (07:03) - Trump trial updates
  • (10:35) - Allen Weisselberg accused of perjury by Forbes
  • (12:38) - Earmark presents a "Federal Tax Updates" webinar on the IRS withdrawal process for ERC claims
  • (14:08) - The complicated way the IRS wants you to complete this process
  • (17:32) - Do Millenials use voice assistants to pay bills?
  • (19:33) - We got a new 5-star review!
  • (21:39) - Roblox and forcing remote workers back to the office
  • (24:58) - Checking in on the live chat
  • (26:07) - Data shows people are relocating to states with lower taxes
  • (29:48) - Liberty Tax loses suit against Better Call Saul
  • (32:27) - All your bank feeds are about to break
  • (33:06) - $770,000 embezzlement at the Aria in Vegas
  • (36:18) - Maryland Department of Health lost track of over $1 billion in COVID funds
  • (37:38) - The City of Baltimore blames Worday for AR problem
  • (42:27) - Grant Thornton apologizes for paying trainee below minimum wage
  • (46:31) - Latest AICPA MAP survey shows no gain in starting accountants' salaries
  • (50:51) - Purdue University sees spike in accounting enrollment
  • (55:02) - Seton Hall launches new master's program in accounting and analytics
  • (57:13) - Thanks for listening!

Show Notes
Clarence Thomas Didn’t Fully Repay $267,230 Loan for Luxury Motor Home, Senate Report Says - WSJ
Accounting firm apologises for paying trainee below minimum wage
Audit of Maryland Health Department finds $1.4 billion accounting lapse - The Washington Post
Justice Thomas’s R.V. Loan Was Forgiven, Senate Inquiry Finds - The New York Times
Michael Cohen Testifies Trump Ordered Him to Inflate Wealth - WSJ
Purdue University sees spike in accounting enrollment | Accounting Today
Trump’s Longtime CFO Lied, Under Oath, About Trump Tower Penthouse
IRS announces withdrawal process for Employee Retention Credit claims
Donald Trump Watches as Witness Dismantles His Net Worth Calculations
How an IRS contractor leaked tax data on Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk | Accounting Today
Profits and Pay Lag Behind Revenue Gains at CPA Firms - CPA Trendlines
'Better Call Saul' creators beat Liberty Tax's defamation, trademark lawsuit | Reuters
Crazy Embezzlement Case At Aria Las Vegas: Hotel Manager Refunds $770,000+ To His Debit Card - LoyaltyLobby

IRS Announces Special Process For Withdrawing Inappropriate ERC Claims
Roblox tells employees they have to come to office three days a week or take severance package            
What do young accountants want to do with their lives?
Chase Bank Requires QuickBooks Accounts' Reconnections
Seton Hall launches master's program in professional accounting ... 
Thirty Percent of US Millennials Use a Voice Assistant to Pay Bills
SOU two months from core information system transition
Baltimore wrote off $45 million in old contractor debts, inspector general finds
Baltimore government has a growing “collections problem”
City finance department making progress clearing invoice backlog
The Short Form: Do People Really Move Because of Taxes?
The Future of How We Work Together at Roblox
How to Withdraw an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Claim

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David Leary
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Trump Trial Updates | Are You Coffee Badging? | Proof Americans Move for Lower Taxes
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