Israel War Impact on Fintech | FTX & Trump Trial Updates | Iowa Blames Workday

There’s a lot to digest in this episode! Blake and David discuss Microsoft's $28.9 billion tax bill, and examine a tax-fraud scheme involving art donations. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon predicts that AI advancements will create a shorter workweek in the future. They also look at Xero’s newest features, including improved algorithms for recognizing new contacts and bank reconciliation statements, and talk about Grant Thornton's implementation of Git Assist, an AI tool for accessing internal knowledge resources. All this and so much more, right here, right now!

  • (00:35) - The war in Israel and its effect on tech startups
  • (04:36) - Heather Smith sends in an example of an AI language changer she used
  • (06:49) - Arthur Andersen's Chicago house for sale
  • (09:17) - Updates from the FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried trial
  • (15:44) - IRS contractor who leaked tax returns of famous agrees to plea deal
  • (19:03) - Trump trial updates
  • (22:49) - George Santos facing 23 new charges
  • (24:50) - Update on the Canada CPA standoff
  • (26:42) - Nationwide accounting shortage is threatening small towns
  • (27:59) - Number of accounting graduates drop largest percentage in single year since 1985
  • (31:03) - Workday and the problem with schools rolling out ERP's
  • (38:02) - What pricing lessons accounting firms can learn from ski resorts
  • (42:56) - CFO Brew's survey on remote work
  • (47:27) - IRS says Microsoft owes $28.9 billion in back taxes
  • (51:40) - IRS tax-gap predictions, and scams to watch for in 2022
  • (54:59) - Jamie Dimon predicts AI will reduce workweeks to 3.5 days
  • (55:56) - Xero announces new AI features
  • (56:49) - Grant Thornton rolls out GT Assist
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Show Notes
Pool of accounting graduates shrinks, AICPA report finds
Report: Iowa can pay the bills but lacks transparency in its accounting
New accounting system causes bill backlog at U of Washington
Grant Thornton launches internal generative AI tool          
Art of Accounting: Leaving your job to start your own practice
Arthur Andersen's Winnetka home for sale
The SBF Trial is Embarrassing For Crypto Industry               
Returning to the office is costing you $51 per day, study finds       
Microsoft May Owe $28.9 Billion in Back Taxes to the IRS
IRS Says Tax Gap For 2021 Expected To Be $688 Billion     
How Israel's tech community is responding to the Israel-Hamas war           
Iowa's annual financial report late again; agencies mum on why
Iowa auditor slams governor, state for delays threatening universities
UW’s Financial Accounting System            
WSU recognized externally for Workday expertise              
Ohio State drops effort to update student information system
LMU announces Workday Forward; staff reflect on the “abysmal fiasco” of original Workday launch
UT’s switch to Workday came with more than a few hiccups, but they were to be expected
Open Letter on Workday Issues  
Workday Implementation Considerations in Higher Education
Workday Sees Continued Momentum in Higher Education, With More than 70% of Workday Higher Education Customers Live  
The Ohio State University Walks Away from Workday Student      
Erie Community College to Spend $5.2M Replacing Disastrous ERP System
ISU switch to Workday accounting delayed state financial report  
Iowa ends contract with Workday, company chosen without traditional competitive bidding
Exclusive: Iowa's late reporting jeopardized universities' federal funds
If Amazon can’t make Workday work, who can?  
CPA Standoff: Accountants question the motives behind national ...           
Arthur Andersen's House on Zillow           
Tax return thief who took Trump, Griffin data pleads guilty | Accounting Today
An update on our IRS tax audit - Microsoft On the Issues 
IRS sees tax gap widen to $688B | Accounting Today         
Melio Life on Instagram 
Caroline Ellison Tells Jury She Dreaded Inevitable Collapse of FTX – WSJ
Arthur Andersen's House Is For Sale - Going Concern        
U.S. employees spend $51 daily when they work full-time in office, study says
The $300-a-Day Lift Ticket That Every Skier Hates - WSJ   
Banker says Trump’s financial statements were key to loan approvals, but there were 'sanity checks' | AP News     
Bankman-Fried dismissed audit risks at FTX, ex-girlfriend testifies | Accounting Today
Israeli Startup Community, at Home and Abroad, Prepares to Fight – WSJ
Santos Faces New Charges Accusing Him of Lies and Credit Card Fraud - The New York Times
Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX trial witnesses: Who knew what, when | Accounting Today
Fake mansions and rent-stabilized units emerge in Trump trial | Accounting Today
Sam Bankman-Fried Lieutenant Recounts FTX Crash for Jurors – WSJ
Here’s How FTX Executives Secretly Spent $8 Billion in Customer Money – WSJ
Trump Organization Controller Admits to Tax Fraud Over Fear of Losing Job
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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Israel War Impact on Fintech | FTX & Trump Trial Updates | Iowa Blames Workday
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