Don Jr. Explains GAAP & Why No One's Going Into Accounting

Blake and David dig into the use of AI agents in solving problems, emphasizing the effectiveness of assigning different roles to the agents and having them interact with each other to reach satisfactory results. They also discuss the latest accounting news, including the recent arrest of an IRS contractor, the IRS slashing the PTIN fee, ongoing trials, and cyber-attacks.

  • (00:47) - Don Jr. explains GAAP
  • (04:07) - Stories we'll cover this week
  • (06:13) - WSJ article on why no one is going into accounting
  • (10:30) - New Illinois CPA Society survey
  • (12:42) - The IRS is watching people who resold Taylor Swift tickets
  • (14:11) - Chick-fil-A is testing out robot servers and what accountants can learn in what customers want & expect in restaurants
  • (18:39) - Zoom adds AI companion features
  • (23:58) - FedNow hits milestone
  • (26:07) - Listener mail
  • (34:15) - QuickBooks offers a $50/month assisted bookkeeping service
  • (40:33) - Listener mail: Should I change majors from accounting?
  • (43:17) - FEMA and WGU are alternative ways to earn 150 credits
  • (46:33) - Microsoft using AI to help AI
  • (51:00) - Former IRS contractor charged with leaking billionaire tax filings
  • (55:03) - Trump blaming his former Mazars accountant in fraud trial
  • (59:36) - CPA Canada vs CPA Quebec and CPA Montreal updates
  • (01:01:53) - MGM cyber attack follow up
  • (01:04:16) - WSJ reports Binance is in trouble
  • (01:08:25) - Wrap up and how to reach us
Show Notes
Chick-fil-A Reportedly Tests Robot Servers Amid Diner Concerns Around Automation
AICPA Endorses Key Legislation Recognizing the Link Between ...  
Why No One's Going Into Accounting - WSJ           
IRS slashes PTIN fees       
New National Research on CPA Pipeline Challenges Underway      
IRS contractor charged in leak of billionaire taxpayer info
CPA Standoff: Financial transparency a key issue in national ...      
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and Wings removes AI ordering platform           
FedNow Service Surpasses 100 Participants Since July Launch       
2024 Public Accounting Starting Salary Numbers Are In   
Clorox Experiences Significant Financial Loss Stemming From Recent Cyber Attack               
CPA Pipeline Research Survey      
2024 Salary Guide | Robert Half 
CPA Standoff: Unique regulatory status of CPA Quebec complicates accounting rift              
CPA standoff: Ontario government sticks to sidelines in governance dispute           
Message from Jerilyn Dressler re: accounting profs lacking real world experience  
Trump business fraud trial continues with accountant testimony on 4th day | PBS NewsHour         
MGM Resorts Refused to Pay Ransom in Cyberattack on Casinos - WSJ     
Why No One’s Going Into Accounting - WSJ           
New National Research on CPA Pipeline Challenges Underway - CPA Practice Advisor          
Not having a House Speaker is threatening tax and other key areas | Accounting Today     
Zoom AI Companion       
WATCH: Clip of Don Jr.'s deposition in NY civil fraud case.                
AutoGen - Microsoft steps into the AI AGENTS arena - YouTube    
Binance, the World’s Biggest Crypto Firm, Is Melting Down - WSJ 
LIVE Assisted Bookkeeping for $50/month            
If You Resold Taylor Swift Tickets, the IRS Is Watching       
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Don Jr. Explains GAAP & Why No One's Going Into Accounting
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