How Trump Defrauded Banks & Top Cities To Be An Accountant

Blake and David cover a plethora of topics including positive customer experiences, legal rulings, top cities for accountants, and the pressure on Intuit from major banks. They also dig into the discovery of a large sum of cash at a senator's home, how Trump defrauded the banks, another potential government shutdown, and the accounting talent crisis. All this, and more, right here, right now!

  • (00:58) - Blake shares a good customer experience at a parking garage
  • (05:14) - CPACharge adds invoice payment directly through app
  • (07:58) - Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers
  • (14:32) - Intuit pressured by credit card companies and banks to not support gun stores
  • (20:04) - Throwback to Burger King first accepting credit card payments
  • (24:04) - Top cities to be an accountant
  • (29:14) - Bob Menendez and how much cash an average person should keep at home
  • (35:25) - Government shutdown update and predictions
  • (39:30) - Kelly Richmond Pope on the accountant talent crisis
  • (47:28) - The IRS revolving door
  • (51:58) - PCAOB announces new audit rule
  • (55:25) - What accountants can learn from Smucker's hybrid work model
  • (58:35) - Amazon invests $4 billion in Anthropic's Claude
  • (01:00:30) - The Pentagon is using AI to navigate its own bloated policies
  • (01:02:30) - Deloitte CEO says he doesn't deserve his pay
  • (01:04:29) - We need more practical application in accounting classes
  • (01:07:40) - Wrap up and where to reach us

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Show Notes
Now the Profession Is Losing Experienced Accountants Too
Nearly 1,000 millionaires haven't filed tax returns
Jayapal, Warren Call on IRS to Address Revolving Door Between ...
What CPAs can learn from Smucker's       
The top cities in the U.S. to be an accountant       
Intuit Reverses Ban On Gun-Related Businesses   
JPMorgan Chase Caught Trying to Block Gun Purchases   
CPACharge Announces Automated Invoicing, Streamlining Customer Billing Cycle For Accounting Professionals      
As Government Shutdown Appears More Likely, Treasury Releases IRS Contingency Plan
The last government shutdown was the longest in more than 40 years
Audit Firms Face Stiffer Mandate to Verify Client Details Under New Rule
The top cities in the U.S. to be an accountant | Accounting Today
The Right Amount of Cash to Keep at Home for Emergencies. Hint: Not $480,000. – WSJ
Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks and insurers while building real estate empire | AP News        
Pentagon’s Budget Is So Bloated That It Needs an AI Program to Navigate It            
Amazon bets $4 billion on Anthropic’s Claude, the chatbot platform rivaling ChatGPT and Google's Bard | VentureBeat                
Deloitte CEO Says He Doesn't Deserve His Pay - Going Concern     

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
How Trump Defrauded Banks & Top Cities To Be An Accountant
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