Could AI replace CEOs of CPA firms?

Blake and David discuss the potential for AI to replace CEOs of CPA firms. They also dive into the increasing trend of remote work in accounting firms, contrasting the reservations expressed by some CEOs with the benefits of remote work for employees and the environment. Then, on to cryptocurrency scams and criticisms of the 150-hour rule for becoming a CPA, with listener emails sharing personal experiences and concerns about the rule.

  • (00:34) - Blake is back from San Diego
  • (03:59) - Accountant rejects partnership offer to open daycare franchise
  • (05:38) - ChatGPT makes a YouTube video
  • (10:39) - IRS walks back promise to stay open during government shutdown
  • (15:00) - AICPA says IRS source thinks 95% of new ERC claims are ineligible
  • (16:25) - AICPA Town Hall spends 4x on M&A vs pipeline issues
  • (21:34) - IRS posts 3,700 new jobs
  • (23:09) - Check out the Unofficial QuickBooks Accountants Podcast
  • (24:28) - Will AI replace managing partners?
  • (27:54) - The real reason Jamie Dimon is so against remote work
  • (33:48) - Deloitte study demonstrates the benefits of remote work for employees
  • (38:37) - Study reveals remote workers cut greenhouse gas emissions by 54%
  • (40:34) - Mark Cuban lost $870k in a crypto scam
  • (43:53) - Tether is once again lending out their stablecoins - reversing earlier promise not to
  • (49:00) - The wild courses CPAs take to get their 150 hours
  • (52:04) - The accounting backgrounds of Republican presidential candidates
  • (54:38) - The IRS plans to use AI to audit large partnerships
  • (59:42) - Paulita is inspired by the podcast to get back into accounting
  • (01:03:38) - Final listener email and wrap-up

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Show Notes
People who work from home all the time ‘cut emissions by 54%’ against those in office | Greenhouse gas emissions                
IRS to hire 3,700 agents to pursue wealthy tax dodgers    
California Companies Defer Billions in Taxes, Interest-Free, as Borrowing Costs Rise             
Experienced Accountants Sought by IRS for New Large Corp ...     
US government shutdown: What is it and who would be affected?              
IRS to remain ‘fully operational’ if Congress triggers government shutdown            
IRS to ‘partially close’ if government shutdown happens, reversing earlier plans, union says            
IRS Activities Following the Shutdown     
America's tax collectors may escape a possible government shutdown     
Representative Introduced Bill Halting Legislator Pay During Shutdown
JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon delivers a stern warning to remote workers - TheStreet 

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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Could AI replace CEOs of CPA firms?
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