The ERC Jumps The Shark with Snoop Dogg Deepfake

Buckle up for a wild ride covering everything from brazen ERC scams to cutting-edge AI. Join Blake and David as they expose the rampant fraud sucking billions from the federal coffers. You'll hear an unbelievable voicemail scam promising gangbusters refunds—could it really be Snoop Dogg or is your mind playing tricks?

Fast forward to the bleeding edge of technology with jaw-dropping examples of AI voice and face swapping. Think real-time translation opening global markets. But not so fast—can emerging tech replace human accountants offshore? We tackle the automation debate head-on.

Strap on your justice caps as the crew champions entrepreneurial accountants breaking free from the shackles of the timesheet. But will AI be the death knell of the billable hour? Tune in to find out!

  • (00:45) - David got a voicemail from Snoop Dogg!
  • (08:42) - Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett talk about why accounting is important
  • (12:50) - Couple gets married in the accounting classroom where they met
  • (14:51) - Purdue accounting professors invite accounting students and alumni to tailgate together at football games
  • (15:51) - AICPA drops the ball on member survey
  • (19:11) - Vegas gets hit by cyber attacks
  • (23:30) - Square outage causes problems for small businesses
  • (25:32) - The Doberman dog breed is named after a German tax collector
  • (26:33) - JP Morgan partners with Gusto to offer online payroll
  • (28:36) - American Express & Walmart expand small business offerings
  • (31:47) - AI real-time language translation for video and audio is not far away
  • (39:01) - The future of voice assists and integration with LLM's
  • (43:58) - 29-year-old accountant quits firm to open her own
  • (49:34) - Offshoring vs. automation
  • (55:26) - Blake's new lawyer charges by the hour...sometimes
  • (57:39) - Thanks for listening and how to earn free CPE

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Show Notes
JPMorgan to offer online payroll services                
I.R.S. Freezes Pandemic-Era Tax Credit Amid Fraud Fears  
The Cyberattack That Sent Las Vegas Back in Time              
Caesars Paid Ransom After Suffering Cyberattack – WSJ
Meet a 29-year-old accountant whose ‘resentment’ only climbed after her firm raised her salary from $60k to $90k as she made millions for them. She has her own firm now
Mark Cuban on Accounting via Hector Garcia

Meet a 29-year-old accountant whose ‘resentment’ only climbed after her firm raised her salary from $60k to $90k as she made millions for them. She has her own firm now
How Amex is building a B2B ecosystem for SMBs 
IRS halts new ERC processing after flood of bogus claims 
Don't offshore. Automate instead             
MGM hack has Vegas hotels resorting to cash bars, paper vouchers           
They found love in their accounting classroom. Ten years later, they ...      
Walmart Business Has a Plan to Boost SMB Cash Flow      
Square and Cash App outage creates trouble for small businesses               
MGM Resorts Hack Becomes Hassle for Vacationers Who Must Use Cash 
Cash App And Square Face System Outage, Keeping Users From Their Coins           
Square outage costs small business owners thousands in lost revenue       
Americans Would Pay $120 a Year to Have a Reliable and Smart Voice Assistant    
Catering to the $300 billion SMB industry with American Express Business Blueprint           
MGM Resorts says cyberattack could have material effect on company     
Hackers claim MGM cyberattack as outage drags into fourth day 
Hackers claim it only took a 10-minute phone call to shut down MGM Resorts       
Purdue University professors created a formula that's attracting more students to accounting        

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The ERC Jumps The Shark with Snoop Dogg Deepfake
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