The Future of UX Is... Spreadsheets! & QuickBooks Leader Is New CEO of PayPal

In this episode, Blake and David talk app integration frustrations, Gusto's new payroll feature, increased fees for tax professionals, a tragic accident involving an IRS agent, low job fulfillment among accountants, and an employee stock ownership plan at BDO. They also dive into Amazon's new product review feature and the appointment of a former Intuit executive as the new CEO of PayPal. Rounding things out, they speculate on Alex Chriss' move to PayPal and the potential benefits for accountants and bookkeepers.

  • (00:04) - Preview: BDO's new equity model
  • (00:55) - Welcome to The Accounting Podcast
  • (02:35) - Every app for accountants should have a spreadsheet view
  • (05:59) - We have reached peak user interface: How AI will simplify app design
  • (07:22) - Why Bob from accounting could soon be a bot
  • (12:30) - NATP study shows tax pros raised prices by over 20% in 2023
  • (20:57) - IRS agent accidentally killed by fellow agent at gun range
  • (24:12) - Sam Bankman Fried sent to jail
  • (25:19) - 60% of accountants rate their job fulfillment at C or lower
  • (27:20) - BDO USA borrows $1.3 billion to create an employee stock ownership plan
  • (32:05) - How to solve the accounting talent crisis
  • (35:50) - Amazon using AI to summarize customer reviews
  • (37:25) - PayPal's names new CEO: How Intuit, PayPal, and X are all connected
  • (47:24) - Wrap up, where to reach us, and checking in on the live chat

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Show Notes
PayPal Names Alex Chriss as Next President and CEO        
Alex Chriss Succeeds Dan Schulman as the new CEO of PayPal       
IRS agent accidentally shot, killed by fellow agent during training at Phoenix gun range
AICPA, NASBA Team to Help Ease Path to CPA Licensure   
Withum and Seton Hall launch CPA apprenticeship
Large firm shakes up business model with employee stock ownership plan
Intuit Names Marianna Tessel General Manager of Small Business and Self-Employed Group
Can PayPal’s incoming CEO jump-start profitable growth?
BDO to create ESOP with $1.3B credit deal            
Former eBay CEO Still Wields Influence over PayPal as It Names New CEO
Elon Musk's 25-year obsession with 'X' explains what he did to Twitter
With plans to hire 200, a former PayPal CEO launches new digital bank in Miami
Outspoken: Bill Harris, Founder and Chairman of Personal Capital and former CEO of Intuit and Paypal       
5 things to know about Intuit’s small business guru Alex Chriss—PayPal’s incoming CEO names former Intuit brass its CEO
How Amazon continues to improve the customer reviews experience with generative AI
BDO partners in line for windfall after $1.3bn debt deal with Apollo Global Management | Financial Times               
Sam Bankman-Fried Sent to Jail After Judge Revokes Bail

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The Future of UX Is... Spreadsheets! & QuickBooks Leader Is New CEO of PayPal
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