Cooking the Books with Barbie: The Downfall of Mattel's Co-Founder & Barbie Inventor

In this episode, Blake and David cover the downfall of Mattel's co-founder and Barbie inventor, Intuit's new ad network that allows businesses to target specific audiences using data from QuickBooks Online, and the increasing rate of deficiencies in public company audits. They also discuss the detrimental effect of the 150-hour rule on students pursuing careers in accounting, the availability of a malicious code-writing tool called Fraud GPT on the dark web, and the use of AI in customer support and sales calls. 

  • (00:04) - Be prepared for higher prices because of AI
  • (01:05) - What does Barbie have to do with accounting?
  • (05:03) - Intuit is launching an ad network
  • (11:58) - As much as 40% of audits in 2022 could be deficient
  • (20:48) - Why are students switching majors away from accounting?
  • (25:57) - IRS will no longer do any unannounced visits
  • (27:14) - Hunter Biden saga update
  • (28:54) - Sage announces latest earnings
  • (30:34) - FraudGPT - dark web service
  • (32:08) - Real-life example of AI use case for a company
  • (36:53) - New conversational AI Air demo sales call
  • (41:40) - ChatGPT introduces custom instructions
  • (42:26) - Plaid announces deal with Cross River Banks
  • (44:19) - Blake reads some Youtube comments on the TurboTax video
  • (48:56) - A few quick final stories
  • (52:53) - Wrap up and where to reach us

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Show Notes
22 years after the $63 billion Enron collapse, a key audit review board finds the industry in a 'completely unacceptable' state
150-hour requirement seen as a significant barrier to accounting by young people
The Sage Group plc (SGGEF) Q3 2023 Earnings Call Transcript
Plaid Taps Cross River to Offer Real-Time Payments           
Sage sees solid growth in Q3
Intuit Launches B2B Ad Network Targeting Small Business Owners              
Unannounced IRS revenue officer visits discontinued        
U.S. Accounting Watchdog Flags 'Unacceptable' Increase in Audit ...           
IRS good at addressing cyberthreats, but not documenting them
Exclusive: Mailchimp Owner Intuit Launches Media Network for Small Businesses
New AI Tool 'FraudGPT' Emerges, Tailored for Sophisticated Attacks
Accounting Watchdog Expects Deficiencies in 40% of Public-Company Audits in 2022 - WSJ             
All About Barbie Inventor Ruth Handler: Where She Is Today
How Vector Media transformed its customer support with AI | Zapier | Significant Barriers Deter Students from Pursuing a Degree in Accounting, According to CAQ Report 
IRS whistleblowers accuse Hunter Biden during congressional hearing | Accounting Today
Want to Search PCAOB Inspection Reports By How Many Screw-Ups an Audit Firm Made? You Can Now Do That - CPA Practice Advisor 
Custom instructions for ChatGPT               
Taxfyle Announces Industry-Leading Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution - EIN Presswire
Opening Remarks - The CPA Journal         
Eric Vyacheslav on LinkedIn: This is incredible 🤯 An AI doing sales calls and customer support. Air is… | 1,001 comments           
Original Hype Man and Coffee Enthusiast Peter "Sugar Bear" Olinto is Leaving Becker - Going Concern        
Geni Whitehouse named as new president of IT Alliance | Accounting Today         
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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Cooking the Books with Barbie: The Downfall of Mattel's Co-Founder & Barbie Inventor
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