Building a Remote eCommerce Firm with Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas

Learn how Meryl built a 30-headcount bookkeeping firm in eight years that can operate without her. We also get Meryl's take on the PwC scandal in Australia. Earn free NASBA-approved CPE credits for listening with the Earmark app. Learn more at

  • (00:04) - Preview: Why can't the US tax deadlines be as relaxed as Australia's
  • (00:50) - Welcome Meryl Johnston to the show and some background on Bean Ninjas
  • (05:49) - Tell us a little about the growth of Bean Ninjas, remote work, and taking a step back from day-to-day operations
  • (10:26) - How does Meryl track employees' work when they're remote?
  • (12:13) - Can you tell us about Bean Ninja's journey of niching?
  • (22:46) - How do you deal with communication challenges with remote work and different schedules
  • (28:31) - What is the current size of your firm, and what type of work do you now do?
  • (35:16) - What do you tell accountants who are afraid to niche?
  • (39:20) - Is the accounting talent crisis also happening in Australia?
  • (41:19) - Meryl gives her take on the PwC scandal in Australia
  • (47:38) - Are 2 new Australian tech companies coming for Xero's throne?
  • (55:25) - Is software plus a service the future of accounting tech?
  • (59:02) - Wrap up and how people can listen to Meryl's podcasts

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Show Notes
Fuel Up the Bus, PwC Australia Has Named and Shamed Eight Partners Tied to the Tax Leak Scandal
PwC Sold Off Its Scandal-Plagued Government Consulting Business For 67 Cents - Going Concern
PwC Sold a Part of Its Australian Business for $1 Because of Tax Leak Scandal - CPA Practice Advisor
A new threat to Xero? The rise of Hnry: a one-stop shop for sole traders, ft. Karan Anand
Exclusive: PwC Australia ties Google to tax leak scandal – sources
Thriday swings at big accounting platforms with AI expense tool

Meet Our Guest, Meryl Johnston

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Building a Remote eCommerce Firm with Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas
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