How Much Should A CPA Charge For A Business Tax Return? (with Roger Knecht)

In this episode of the Accounting Podcast, Blake and David talk to CPA Roger Knecht about how much CPAs should charge for business tax returns. They also touch on the latest news, including Hunter Biden's plea deal for tax charges, the Pentagon overestimating supplies sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion, and the SEC charging Marcum with quality control failures. They also dig into sports gamblers losing more money as parlays gain popularity, Roger's five pricing strategies, and AI in accounting. 

  • (00:23) - Preview: CPAs are pricing themselves too low
  • (01:13) - Welcome Roger to the show and a little background on what he does
  • (03:20) - What topics we'll cover in this episode
  • (04:25) - Hunter Biden takes plea deal in tax charges
  • (09:20) - Pentagon overestimates supplies sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion
  • (12:27) - Who will win: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg
  • (16:07) - CPA Ontario and CPA Quebec sever ties with CPA Canada
  • (20:56) - The SEC charges Marcum with quality control failures
  • (31:52) - Yahoo Finance article on how much people should expect to pay for a CPA
  • (38:33) - Sports bettors losing more money as parlays gain popularity
  • (43:59) - Roger's 5 pricing strategies
  • (48:53) - Some updates on AI in accounting
  • (57:18) - Wrap up and where to reach Roger

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Meet Our Guest, Roger Knecht:

Show Notes
Even by the standards of billionaire-versus-billionaire tiffs, the proposed cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg stands out    
Marcum, the SEC said, audited nearly half of the roughly 860 SPAC IPOs in 2020 and 2021. The firm agreed to pay the SEC $10 million in fines for widespread failures in its audits.          
Accounting Mistake Caused Pentagon to Overestimate Cost of Weapons Sent to Ukraine by $6.2B - CPA Practice Advisor
I'm a Small Business Owner. How Much Will a CPA Cost Me?         
4 in 5 Australians want PwC banned from new government work  | Accountants Daily       
CPA Quebec, Ontario bodies sever ties with national organization
Hunter Biden expected to plead guilty to tax-related misdemeanor crimes as part of a plea agreement       
How much did Congress lose by defunding the IRS
Parlay bets are becoming a bigger part of online sports betting—which is good news for the house              
BDO to Convert to a Corporation, Replacing US Partnership (2)
New bookkeeping platform Thriday says AI is on its way to save you from taxes and accountants
CLA launches high school summer intern program             
Jeff Seibert, CEO and Co-Founder of Digits – Interview Series         
KPMG's Banking Troubles Give Accounting a Black Eye (Podcast)
Digits AI Debuts as World's First Secure, Accurate, Business Finance AI
Pentagon's Ukraine accounting error revised up to US$6.2 billion
CPA Canada remains committed to a unified Canadian accounting profession
Pentagon Says a $6 Billion Accounting Error Allows More Arms for ...
Rumor: BDO USA Is Switching From a Partnership to a Corporation on July 1
Pentagon says Ukraine accounting error revealed last month is much bigger than previously stated
Ontario, Quebec accounting bodies announce planned split from CPA Canada       
Digits AI Debuts as World’s First Secure, Accurate Business Finance AI       
Tech News: Digits launched AI product    
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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Roger Knecht
Roger Knecht
Roger Knecht is president of Universal Accounting Center, a post-secondary school for accounting professionals. With over 20 years of marketing, sales, HR & operations experience, Roger Knecht has helped thousands of business owners work ON their businesses to increase revenue, improve profits and build value. His strong work ethic and collaborative style delivers reliable, high-quality results for business owners. Roger’s podcast, Building the Premier Accounting Firm, keeps accounting professionals on the cutting edge of the industry offering quality bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. He hosts discussions with some of the accounting world’s best minds and shares actionable insights for firms. Roger is the author of “Your Strategic Accountant” and “Your Profit & Growth Expert”, each written to help business owners understand what they can expect from the accounting profession.
How Much Should A CPA Charge For A Business Tax Return? (with Roger Knecht)
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