The ROI of IRS Audits | FedNow Payment Network Launching in July

In this episode, Blake and David talk about the lack of audits hurting the profession, alternatives to tracking hours, whether to pursue a CPA or EA, and salary advice for new accountants. Next, they tackle a ton of news including AI integration in Mailchimp, the launch of FedNow Payment Network, the ROI of IRS audits, and the UK's Making Tax Digital rollout. Remote work, the ESG startup Omnevue securing $3 million in funding, Xero's third price increase in two years and Intuit's response, and more round out the show!

  • (00:00) - PREVIEW: Lack of audits is hurting the accounting profession
  • (01:07) - Welcome to The Accounting Podcast
  • (02:39) - Listener mail: Audits are just checking a box
  • (06:56) - Listener mail: David asks for alternatives to tracking hours
  • (14:39) - Listener mail: Courtney asks if they should pursue a CPA or EA
  • (25:04) - Listener mail: William asks how new accountants should approach their starting salary at firms
  • (28:14) - Is QBO starting to integrate AI into Mailchimp?
  • (30:37) - FedNow is launching in July
  • (35:50) - The ROI of IRS audits
  • (46:41) - UK's Making Tax Digital rollout is struggling
  • (52:10) - Latest on remote work
  • (55:41) - ESG startup Omnevue secures $3 million in funding
  • (58:41) - Xero announces third price increase in two years and Intuit's response
  • (01:00:19) - Some final thoughts and where to reach David and Blake

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Show Notes
How much did Congress lose by defunding the IRS? Way more than we thought.
Elon Musk Calls Remote Work Morally Wrong 'Bullshit'    
ESG accounting startup Omnevue secures $3.1 million in Seed funding
Credit Unions Gear Up to Build Instant Payments Ecosystems as FedNow Looms
FedNow’s Rollout Will Spur ‘Major Shift’ for Businesses and Digital Wallets, Says Trustly
Fintech ForwardAI, An Aggregated Direct Data Access Provider To Accounting And ERP Platforms, Launches
Rethinking the CPA 150-hour requirement: There must be a change
Government execution of MTD ‘out of control’ as costs spiral

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
The ROI of IRS Audits | FedNow Payment Network Launching in July
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