AICPA Engage Recap | Intuit launches GenOS | PwC scandal in Australia

We're back from the AICPA Engage conference sharing takeaways. Also, we're talking about all the latest generative AI developments in accounting, plus the recent PwC scandal in Australia.

  • (00:00) - PREVIEW: The PwC scandal
  • (00:46) - Blake and David are back from AICPA Engage
  • (02:08) - Blake shares his mom's tax return horror story
  • (10:13) - Thoughts on the AICPA's 100th Town Hall podcast episode
  • (16:10) - How can AICPA grow Engage to be an even bigger event
  • (21:03) - It was great to see everyone at AICPA Engage
  • (27:11) - Advanced Auto Parts misses 10-Q deadline because they couldn't staff position
  • (30:37) - Accounting firms are getting sued for improper ERC returns
  • (35:31) - Checking in on the live chat
  • (37:31) - Intuit's AI announcement
  • (43:33) - announces their own generative AI initiative
  • (44:50) - Spreadsheet company Equals launches AI Assist
  • (45:29) - ChatGPT makes up court cases in federal briefing
  • (47:59) - Ikea buys warehouse management SaaS company
  • (48:58) - Google DeepMind can create its own algorithms
  • (51:23) - Crypto scams are 5x more costly than other cyber crimes
  • (52:09) - Let's talk about PwC Australia
  • (01:01:25) - Wrap up and where to reach Blake and David

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Show Notes
Google DeepMind’s game-playing AI just found another way to make code faster | MIT Technology Review              
Crypto scams five times as costly as other cybercrimes says study | Accounting Today
A Man Sued Avianca Airline. His Lawyer Used ChatGPT. - The New York Times
Intuit introduces proprietary large language models for fintech with GenOS
Intuit (INTU) Introduces Generative AI Operating System
Intuit Unveils Generative AI Operating System and Finance LLMs for TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp Developers    
Intuit Introduces Generative AI Operating System with Custom Trained Financial Large Language Models
Intuit Launches GenOS: AI Operating System for Financial Data
IKEA Parent Ingka Acquires Supply Chain Software Solutions Provider Made4net
Landscaping Business Sues Accounting Firm Over Alleged COVID ...
Intuit Expert BrandVoice: How Intuit Is Leveraging AI To Catapult The Role Of Tax And Bookkeeping Experts To Deliver Confidence Inspiring Customer Experiences           
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David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
AICPA Engage Recap | Intuit launches GenOS | PwC scandal in Australia
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