ChatGPT Was Set Up To Fail The CPA Exam

Accounting Today said ChatGPT failed the CPA Exam — here's why that's misleading; a WSJ reporter clones herself with AI and tricks her bank and family; TurboTax tops the TV ads for tax year 2022; Audit firms remove partners who fault clients' internal controls; 80 percent of BDO Alliance partners vote to eliminate or modify the 150-hour rule

  • (00:00) - ChatGPT Was Set Up To Fail The CPA Exam
  • (00:30) - Does the accounting profession give your life meaning?
  • (01:00) - Welcome to the show, David is on the road this week
  • (04:49) - Accounting Today says ChatGPT completely failed CPA exam
  • (07:48) - Blake ran some of his own tests with GPT-4 and takeaways people should get from this article
  • (13:23) - WSJ article on the potential of AI and fraud
  • (15:09) - Blake plays clips of Joanna's voice cloned compared to her actual voice
  • (18:28) - TechCrunch article on Intuit's AI journey
  • (23:35) - Accounting Today article on firms removing audit partners from engagements where they found internal control problems
  • (28:41) - Accounting Today: PCAOB turns up the heat on auditing firms
  • (32:20) - Three failed banks all had KPMG in common
  • (38:26) - Which brands spent the most money on ads around tax day 2023?
  • (41:30) - TurboTax starts sending out checks as part of "free free free" settlement
  • (42:58) - Listener email about the 150 hour rule and underpaid CPAs
  • (46:57) - BDO Alliance poll results on the 150 hour requirement
  • (50:29) - Blake buys MedEvac insurance for the first time
  • (53:09) - Some quick app news roundup
  • (58:33) - Wrap up and where to reach us

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Show Notes
KPMG pens deal with MindBridge to apply AI to digital audits | Accounting Today
We ran the CPA exam through ChatGPT and it failed miserably | Accounting Today
I Cloned Myself With AI. She Fooled My Bank and My Family.        
Audit firms remove partners who fault clients' internal controls | Accounting Today
BDO Alliance poll of managing partners on 150-hour rule
TurboTax customers to receive checks for $141M settlement        
Intuit’s shift
We had ChatGPT take the CPA exam — and it failed           
ChatGPT Just Failed This Accounting Exam
Accounting clerk created original art on billing statements to help a patient heal

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ChatGPT Was Set Up To Fail The CPA Exam
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