AI You Can Use Today In Accounting with Giles Pearson

Matt Rissell of TSheets dead in apparent murder-suicide; a review of the AI features you can use right now in Client Hub, Canopy, Karbon, Financial Cents and... Sturppy?; This week's guest: Giles Pearson, CEO of Accountests

  • (00:00) - Have your AI contact my AI
  • (00:21) - Introduction and thoughts on the horrible news of Matt Rissell

  • (06:18) - Some of the history of TSheets

  • (12:36) - Practical application of Chat GPT and AI

  • (20:10) - Giles was a partner at PwC

  • (25:46) - Blake check on the live chat discussion
  • (00:50) - David has used ChatGPT to create and organize his calendar appointments

  • (30:43) - Let's look at Client Hub using their AI integration to help create tasks

  • (35:09) - Lets see how Canopy can help you draft emails

  • (37:51) - What Karbon has done with email

  • (44:48) - Is Giles using AI for anything?

  • (45:42) - Financial Sense integrates with ChatGPT

  • (47:52) - Expensify's genius AI blog post

  • (49:40) - Sturppy's AI virtual CFO
  • (00:30) - Wrap up and where to reach everyone

  • (57:07) - Congressional letter written about AI to create tax scams

  • (58:56) - Where to learn more about Accountest and follow Giles

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Show Notes
Karbon AI | Karbon         
Founder of TSheets Dies in Self-Inflicted Shooting
Senators want IRS to stop AI-generated tax scams
“What is the Best Expense Management App?” according to ChatGPT?
TSheets founder Rissell dead after what police call attempted murder/suicide in Eagle home

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Giles Pearson
Giles Pearson
After 18 years as a private business partner at PwC, I co-founded Accountests after becoming frustrated with the lack of certainty when hiring accountants. Does a potential recruit actually possess the necessary technical accounting skills to perform their role? Too many times when working with clients I saw the costly, time consuming and confidence-eroding impact of that gap between anticipated and actual ability of the accountants and bookkeepers they employed. So, I teamed up with Psychometric testing expert Steve Evans and we went about developing a set of tests to verify technical accounting skill levels for a variety of different roles. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only global provider of aptitude tests made by accounting experts, for accountants. Our customers tell us they love our tests and the cost-effective peace of mind the tests provide. If you want to start making informed accounting and bookkeeping hiring decisions, get in touch with us today.
AI You Can Use Today In Accounting with Giles Pearson
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