Accountant Shortage Causing Negative City Credit Scores (live from Padgett REtreat)

Raising prices is a priority; NASBA extends time to complete CPA exam; Canopy now writes emails with AI; PwC to invest $1 billion in AI; staff not allowed to go to conferences

  • (00:05) - Preview: Accounting is in a bad place
  • (02:58) - We launched the Federal Tax Updates Podcast with Padgett and welcome to our guests
  • (07:27) - Amanda, why was this tax season harder than last?
  • (09:13) - Tell us more about the Padgett REtreat
  • (10:41) - What are some ways to think about raising your prices?
  • (13:44) - The accounting shortage is affecting cities getting credit scores
  • (22:36) - NASBA extends the time to take the CPA exam to 30 months
  • (24:48) - AI and its future in accounting
  • (27:09) - Canopy integrates ChatGPT into their suite
  • (29:09) - PWC to invest $1 billion over the next 3 years in AI
  • (33:10) - How long do you think until smaller and midsize firms will be using AI
  • (35:14) - Lili Bank promises one-button accounting
  • (46:17) - Listener mail about staff not being given chances to go to conferences
  • (49:02) - Are accounting students set up only for the benefit of the Big 4 firms?
  • (53:16) - Wrap up and thanks for listening

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Show Notes

ChatGPT Fails When It Comes to Accounting, Finds Major Study

What Microsoft’s Dynamics GP Announcement Means for the User Community
ChatGPT is still no match for humans when it comes to accounting             
Lili Claims Super App Status With New Accounting Platform
Leading Financial Platform, Lili, Launches 'Lili Smart' to Integrate ...
KPMG signs AI deal to improve audit transparency            
NASBA extends time to complete the CPA exam to 30 months
Accounting Bachelors Degree Requirements: What You Need to Know
ChatGPT: How AI will change law, finance, accounting and property ...       
Canopy Launches ChatGPT AI in Accounting Practice Management Software
Accountant shortage hurts city credit scores         
Technology News | ⚡Study Finds ChatGPT No Match for Human When It Comes to Accounting
PwC Stakes $1 Billion on AI Investments in Tax, Consulting Work

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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips
Chief Executive Officer at Padgett Business Services
Accountant Shortage Causing Negative City Credit Scores (live from Padgett REtreat)
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