What AI Will Automate In Accounting with Erica Goode, CPA

FTX had 80,000 transactions in Ask My Accountant; the crazy cost accounting behind EY's failed breakup; using ChatGPT for financial statement analysis; what the tech world thinks AI will automate in accounting and more!

  • (00:00) - CAP 329
  • (00:39) - PREVIEW: How ChatGPT saved Erica
  • (01:09) - Introduction
  • (07:48) - FTX had 80,000 transactions in Ask My Accountant
  • (12:04) - Blake plays a clip from the All-In podcast on AI accounting
  • (17:25) - ChatGPT vs real accountants and students on tests
  • (25:48) - Hector Garcia's example of using ChatGPT for analysing financial statements
  • (31:24) - Is Erica using ChatGPT at all in her firm?
  • (36:18) - EY breakup news
  • (42:13) - Donna's voicemail on her sons college tour and accounting majors
  • (48:18) - Deloitte kicks off program for high school students to earn accounting credits
  • (49:29) - Can AI help save education?
  • (52:48) - The IRS shows customer service improvements in 2023
  • (54:22) - Are accountants actually experiencing a better tax season?
  • (01:01:49) - Crazy MYOB commercial
  • (01:03:41) - Wrap up and where to reach everyone

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Show Notes
Blake Oliver on Twitter: "My speaking session was selected for #Expensicon”
SURVEY: Busy Season Looking Good - CPA Trendlines         
EY Confronts Slowing Growth After Breakup Deal Fails - WSJ          
Magic Workflow: AI-Powered Workflow and Process Generator   
Ernst & Young has axed its plan for a split of its auditing and consulting arms, marking a dramatic and costly retreat                

Is that the IRS with your refund? No, it's a ChatGPT scam
Taylor Swift avoided $100 million FTX deal with securities question: lawyer https://www.businessinsider.com/taylor-swift-avoided-100-million-ftx-deal-with-securities-question-2023-4
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Creators and Guests

David Leary
David Leary
President and Founder, Sombrero Apps Company
Erica Goode, CPA
Erica Goode, CPA
Accounting for Coaching & Consulting Companies
What AI Will Automate In Accounting with Erica Goode, CPA
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